How to treat varicose veins at home: considerations and tips

Varicose veins is a chronic disease. And cope with them easily is unlikely to succeed. The disease requires attention and care, cranky, gives you relax. Before you join her in the fight, assess their power is real: how you are able to overcome varicose veins on their own, at home?

Doctors warn that folk remedies varicose veins removed only in the initial stages.


It is important as folk medications you use. Herb – long compresses-lotions – do not have enough patience, you may find an easier way? Buy a good expensive tool, and use. Fortunately, so many of them from distributors.

Doctors warn about mistakes: never buy drugs from varicose veins out-of-network pharmacy. False hope for quick healing are on the operating table.

So what's left? Immediately run to the doctor if Shin got out a couple of small vessels? Answer: it is desirable. At least in order to consult what are the folk remedies you can cure varicose veins at home. And in order to see that the pair of vessels a consequence of the varicose veins deep vein.

What are patients

Folk recipes for the treatment of varicose veins at home so much that the choice is difficult. The simplest means you are not convinced, the funds complex – bother. As a result, you use someone's advice.. Understand.

Popular tool

To prepare it it is helpful. To do this, arm yourself with the unnecessary pot and the following ingredients, which take in the same amount:

  1. The aloe juice.
  2. Lard without salt.
  3. Onion juice.
  4. Ichthyol ointment.
  5. Soap in liquid form.
  6. Med.

All this wealth should be mix, to warm, and stir. The smell in the kitchen is a little creepy, but that health will not do! The ointment is prepared, once cooled. Use of traditional healers recommend times 3 to 4 per day.


Now popular remedy. But not in the case of varicose veins. There are secrets from chicory, which not only improve, but also worsen great for varicose veins. The drink is invigorating and like caffeine contains.

With regular use of chicory reduces vascular tone and exciting acts on the nervous system.

The vessels in varicose patients, and so strength and elasticity do not differ, therefore, chicory is prohibited.

The horse chestnut


Folk recipes claim that horse chestnut for varicose veins, the only true way. Nothing complicated in its application is not, why should not experience. Collect the chestnuts, peel them from the skin, and insist on 200 ml of vodka two weeks. As it should be insist in a dark place and dark glass. After you start treatment. 30 drops orally after each main meal. We mean three meals a day. Recommended to be treated month.

We allow ourselves to doubt this method of application. Too much vodka, believe. But for external use tincture, use on health. After contrast baths for the feet in the evenings. Indulge your shins before you sleep, blood circulation will increase.

Apple cider vinegar

One cannot deny the beneficial properties of the vinegar from apples. A lot of it acids, vitamins usefulness of all. But responding to feedback from patients, we drew the following conclusions: it is possible to try to treat Apple cider vinegar only reticular varices. Lotions and compresses in some cases, helped draw of the vessels to lighten. And I think it has more to do with the properties of acetic acid than with the therapeutic action of vinegar. Draw your own conclusions.

The warning from the doctor: don't take vinegar inside, if you have stomach problems. Can develop an ulcer.


Method for varicose veins is applied. Thrombophlebitis also. And in the second case, it is preferable. No matter how you react to the leeches, but these sterile individuals are able to help you as thrombophlebitis. A special substance, leech gives you in return for food, the blood liquefies. And blood clots are not formed.

But the use of varicose veins is not very efficient because of the short result. Put the leech, made it easier for the vein valves work – you will feel better. But soon after the procedure, everything will return to normal – diseased vessel wall, the leech has no effect.

Warning the doctor: daring to leech therapy, get tested for blood clotting. At low results hirudotherapy does not apply – it is dangerous bleeding.

Honey and beeswax

These funds unanimously to submit the approval. The usefulness of honey you heard, you can use it without tricks. Just put on the leg after the foot bath. But do not use honey with rosacea on the face – the condition to worsen. But spider veins on the legs, provided that they are isolated and small.

If sticky honey you don't want to use – prepare the ointment for varicose veins of beeswax, propolis and olive oil (2:1:1). And massage into the calf in the evening and this morning – you'll like the result.

Cones and nuts


Cones need to use is not forest, pine tree Yes, but from other plants. From hops. In pharmacies they are sold in paper bags for brewing tea and in the form of dry raw materials. Brew, drink and be healthy. And veins patients put. In the complex therapy of varicose veins of the shins and hops is good.

Nuts with varicose veins use. Perfectly tones the body. Before use, grind the nuts into flour and brew a Cup of boiling water. In the drug add a spoonful of honey and drink early in the morning, before sit down to Breakfast.

Soap and clay

The main effect of the use of these funds is antiseptic. And soap, and blue clay kill the germs to the death. These properties can be used for the treatment of trophic disorders varicose veins. But very carefully, after consulting with the doctor.

In addition to the antimicrobial effect and clay, and soap strong enough to dry out the skin. Itching with varicose veins in some patients may increase. And from – scratches, cracks, infection. So be careful in choosing.

Treatment of varicose veins with herbs

Herbal medicinal prescriptions for the treatment of varicose veins at home are countless. To cast over the concoctions you have no time, so we recommend to do it the easy way – buy the green pharmacy against varicose veins tea. If a product has a quality certificate, numerous components will be assembled in one place. You own it is unlikely to succeed: need to know where and when to gather herbs, how to dry-cooking. You can learn if you want, but this is a great conversation.

A completed pharmacy herbal teas – a great way. Use them.

Analyze the results of the discussion

So, the right of every citizen of any country to choose their own treatment, once the disease has already chosen you. And believe me, if this varicose veins – do not expect miracles. Without this you are unlikely to succeed, though, even begin to use all public facilities together. Local treatment is always appropriate only in the complex therapy, and nothing else. And herbal as medicine has its contraindications.

If you are expecting a baby, in addition to compressive underwear you nothing to use is not worth it. If your varicose veins reticular, we must make every effort to ensure that it does not spread. Believe me. Experienced doctor to deal with varicose problem exactly. Even those, though by a different method. And you will spend months on the treatment, allowing it to progress.

Do not run your pathology. Doctors advise everywhere. We would recommend to apply in the Baltic vein clinic, as in most modern health facility in the problems of varicose veins. One advice – you need the healing vector is selected. And therapies at home, you are also recommend.