Learn about signs, symptoms and treatment of varicose veins on the legs in women

According to statistics, varicose veins afflict more than 72% of all women on the planet. Just someone the signs of varicose veins are weak, and someone the disease has moved into running form. Today we will talk about the peculiarities of the female vein disease – what are the causes, how it is expressed than dangerous. We also read the reviews of people who have signs of varicose veins, and read reviews from experts about how to treat varicose veins on the legs in women.

What happens to veins

varicose veins in women

The blood moves around our body in a circle, without stopping. Directs the movement of the heart, by reason of its contractions the blood is transported through the arteries, veins. Top-down liquid goes easily in to the force of gravity. But when he reached the feet, she should turn around and veins to go up. And it is subject to gravity problematic.

In order to process the movement of blood towards the heart became possible, the veins should have a strong and elastic walls and venous valves that perform the function of a kind of unit, should work like a clock. Diagram of a healthy blood movement is as follows: the heart pushes the fluid to the vessels, the walls of the veins contract and raise the blood up, the valves slam shut and lock the flow in a particular area, do not allow blood to "slide down". On the next contraction of the vessels, the flow advances to a new section and there is fixed the next valve.

Now imagine that for some reason:

  • The walls of the veins have lost their tone and become less elastic, it becomes unable to raise a large amount of blood.
  • Valves when you break down and do not slam shut fully, letting part of the venous blood in the opposite direction.

In this case congestion: arterial blood down to the feet in the former regime, but is serving a back to the heart in slow motion. In place of the "failure" starts to gather too much blood, it stretches the walls of the veins even more, there are visible symptoms of varicose veins.

Why is there illness

Doctors believe that the main reason for the development of women have varicose legs — genetic predisposition. If mom, dad, grandma or grandpa has shown some symptoms of varicose veins increase, this disease with great probability, betrayed woman. And people may not know that he is prone to varicose veins on the legs. The disease manifests itself only under the influence of certain factors. First, irregularities in the veins occur in women with "standing" professions. At risk are:

  1. Surgeons.
  2. Dentists.
  3. Hairdressers.
  4. Sellers.
  5. Teacher.

A sedentary lifestyle also causes varicose veins. Especially run the risk of ladies who love to sit on my feet or foot on the other, in this position the vein is compressed and blood flow is disturbed.

Another common reason that causes varicose veins on the legs and thighs is to increase intra-abdominal pressure and compression of the veins. It occurs when you lift a big weight, so the varicose veins often occurs in women who are fond of workout in the gym. In half of the cases the varicose veins occurs during pregnancy. And for this reason, it is not only the varicose veins on the legs, but varicose veins of small pelvis (groin).

The first symptoms

There is a stage before the varicose veins when disease officially yet, but there are signs of formation of dysfunction of the veins. During the examination the doctor will not detect any obvious abnormalities, the tonus of vein walls at the stage before the optimal varicose veins, the blood flow is also optimal. But at the micro level, the varicose veins have already started to emerge, a woman may notice mild symptoms.

Symptoms of varicose veins at zero degrees of the following:

  • Bearable heaviness in the legs (a sign appears after a long walk or a long stay in one position).
  • Barely noticeable swelling of the legs at the end of the day.
  • Occasional tingling in feet, or seizures (occur suddenly and pass quickly).

At this stage of varicose veins women it is easier to take action, and not require any serious treatment. Gymnastics, massage and compression treatment for legs are all preventive measures that will help bring the veins to normal, but, alas, few starts to hold them, preferring not to draw on the symptoms of attention.

Clear signals of problems with the veins of the girl

The subsequent stage of the varicose veins on the legs of women is primarily characterized by outward signs: the formation of varicose veins on the legs arise and rather quickly grow swollen blue veins (in severe forms, they become purple). In addition to changing color, the veins begin to be palpable below the skin (in the form of compacted tubercles).

Varicose veins on the legs of women is not only the external symptoms. If you read the reviews of patients, you will see that almost all women with varicose veins complain of the following signs of illness:

  1. Pain, heaviness and burning in legs.
  2. Numbness in the toes.
  3. The reduction of skin sensitivity in the area of the diseased part of the body.
  4. Feeling crawling on skin tingling.
  5. Frequent cramps in the legs.

The sad consequences

If you run the varicose veins on the legs, the symptoms of the disease become extremely painful. Venous expansion will be very large – to walk with bare feet would be impossible. Spider veins will turn into a huge bulging "venous bunches". In any case of injury they will burst, to bleed and to suppurate. Severe pain, burning, leg cramps bothering the woman during physical activity and at rest. It gets hard to move.

Due to prolonged impaired blood flow may be signs of dermatitis, eczema and other skin and subcutaneous pathological changes. In most cases, the running of varicose veins on the legs appear trophic ulcers in the legs and thrombosis. These pathologies are very difficult to treat, and they are extremely painful symptoms – it is better not to bring the situation to such extremes and to start treatment at earlier stages of varicose veins.

Therapy of initial manifestations

treatment of varicose veins

If varicose veins on the legs has a soft symptoms, you can try to treat it at home using a special linen – it can be stockings or tights. In the early stages of the use of special products coupled with the elimination of the cause of the disease, helps to free women from varicose without drugs.

Compression stockings and tights operate on the principle of the harness. They improve the lost tone of the veins and create the desired pressure of the blood. According to specialists, this lingerie will also help hold the vessel in position and does not allow them to stretch even more. Only please note: at home treat varicose veins can only be stockings and pantyhose with minimal compression. Products with strong compression should be applied only with the permission of the doctor.

What are some other treatments you can use at home? Themselves to treat primary varicose veins on the legs women using folk remedies. The reviews clearly write about the following folk remedies:

  • Rubbing the legs with tincture of horse chestnut, plantain, chamomile, onion skin or nettle.
  • Warm compresses of gauze soaked in strong tea leaves or infusion of oak bark.
  • Rubbing at the feet of aloe juice or Kalanchoe.
  • Massaging the feet with Apple cider vinegar (it needs to be diluted, not to cause burning).

Other methods of how to cure varicose veins folk ways, you can find different blogs where different people give real feedback on different methods of treatment. For example, many talks about how to treat early varicose veins at home using an anatomical pillow.

Note: folk remedies cannot substitute medical treatment of varicose veins running. If the disease is too evident, alas, to heal without pills and ointments will not work.

Funds for medical assistance

In case of serious varicose veins of the legs must begin to treat the vein drugs. Doctors primarily prescribe women drugs with therapeutic effect. The purpose of this treatment is the narrowing of the lumen of veins and venous valves.

To summarize: the varicose veins on the legs of women appear often for different reasons. To prevent the disease arise, it is better to promptly take care of prevention, which can be done at home. If the signs still made themselves felt, the self-treatment can be carried out only in the early stages. When pronounced symptoms the disease can only be treated with the help of medicine, which will select the doctor.