Treatment of varicose veins without surgery and traditional methods. How to treat varicose veins with surgery

Varicose veins – a widespread disease that according to doctors, affects about 30% of people. Often ill women: the disease often manifests during pregnancy and after childbirth. The reason is the increased load on the legs, as well as hormonal changes.

Varicose veins lead to serious complications from which the patient may die. Therefore, to delay his treatment is not necessary. Besides, to get rid of the disease and fully restore the health of the veins difficult.
how to get rid of varicose veins

What are varicose veins and its types

Varicose veins – a disease in which blood circulation, increases the lumen of blood vessels. In the veins there are valves that prevent the backflow of blood. Varicose veins their work is disturbed.

The valves are stretched, partially close, causing some blood stagnates in them. Increases pressure on the vessels, their walls are stretched. In place of stagnation formed the focus of inflammation.

Circulating blood not orderly, but chaotic, blood vessels stretch and become thin. Blood through them emerges and gets into the tissues, forming a hemorrhage, which can then become inflamed. Inflammation occurs and in Vienna itself.

Over time, venous nodes are formed, which can cause clots – blood clots.

A clot is dangerous because:

  1. Can block the lumen of the vessel to block the blood flow to the limb or organ that will cause his death.
  2. Getting blood flow to the heart, clogs the vascular lumen, causing cardiac arrest and almost instantaneous death of the patient.
  3. A blood clot in the blood vessels of the brain is fraught with serious violations, from partial paralysis to coma.

There are several options for localization of the disease:

  1. The enlargement of veins (the most common form).
  2. Varices of the rectum, or hemorrhoids, the second frequency distribution form).
  3. In the area of the esophagus.
  4. In the pelvic area.
  5. Varicose veins of the spermatic cord.


Early detect the illness is not easy: it is manifested by fatigue, swelling of the legs, which are usually not overlooked. Even in the formation of vasculature the appearance of protruding veins, not many people rush to the doctor.

Cheerleaders have the following characteristics:

  1. Swelling of the legs, especially in the evening.
  2. Cramps in muscles of legs.
  3. Heaviness, feeling of fullness.
  4. Pain, itching of the inflamed veins.
  5. Visible vascular pattern, protruding veins.
  6. Bruising and bruises that are not associated with injuries.
  7. Protruding venous nodes (appear in the later stages of the disease).
  8. The black leg to the lower leg area also points to a running stage of varicose veins.
  9. The increase in temperature.
In the early stages, when the venous mesh only slightly protrude though the skin, it is possible to completely overcome the disease and prevent complications. The longer a person ignores the disease, the more difficult is the treatment and dangerous – complications.

To what doctor to address?

how to get rid of varicose veins treatment

To treat varicose veins physicians-phlebologists – specialists in diseases of the blood vessels. It to the specialist you need to schedule a consultation at the first symptoms of the disease. Surgeons also sometimes treat varicose veins, especially at the advanced stage, when surgical intervention is required.

The examination will have to pass a General analysis of blood, as well as several specialized. The doctor needs to know the extent of coagulation, to assess the risk of blood clots.

A comprehensive analysis will help to better identify the cause (viscous blood, a large amount of cholesterol, hormonal imbalance) diseases. You will also need ultrasound of the blood vessels.

Additional examination will enable a more effective treatment option, find out whether the conservative or surgical intervention is necessary.

Treatments for varicose veins

The patient needs to understand that varicose veins, at the stage when it becomes noticeable, becomes chronic, and deal with varicose veins have long. Many who are faced with such a diagnosis, are interested in the question: is it possible to cure permanently this disease? Early on, Yes.

When running the form will be able to significantly improve the condition, prevent complications and prevent deterioration. But to fully restore the health and elasticity of blood vessels impossible.

To protect yourself from deterioration of health, complications and further disease development, should:

  • Change lifestyle – move more, to avoid prolonged stay in one position;
  • To normalize the power – to refuse from large amounts of fat and sugar in favor of fiber and easy protein;
  • Perform physiotherapy exercises aimed at improving blood circulation;
  • To use the compression garment;
  • To get rid of excess weight, if any. The more weight, the more load on the weak vessels;
  • Wear comfortable shoes, avoid high heels and models flat shoes;
  • During the holidays to raise the feet up at least 20 degrees – this will improve the flow of blood and prevent congestion;
  • Do not take a hot bath and try not to visit the sauna that promotes additional expansion of vessels. Better to use a contrast shower for the legs, especially at night, when tormented by the fatigue;
  • Adhere to the recommendations of a physician.
If you have cardio-vascular disorders, problems with blood pressure, they need to be treated simultaneously with getting rid of varicose veins.

How to get rid of varicose veins without surgery?

Conservative treatment has the effect, if the patient timely appealed. Usually the doctor is not limited to one drug and prescribes a comprehensive treatment.

Local media

The first thing the doctor ordered – ointment for external use. They are applied several times a day with light movements (push or apply a very intense can't – there is a risk to damage the already fragile blood vessels). Local media penetrate the skin, the result rapidly absorbed hematoma, leaves inflammation, improves vascular tone.

A new word in the treatment of varicose veins – the use of ointments and gels based on heparin (a substance that thins the blood) and extract of horse chestnut (tones up vessels).
Use ointments enough in the early stages. Later it is necessary to use additional drugs.

Drug therapy

how to get rid of varicose veins hydrotherapy

Its purpose is to remove the inflammation, improve the condition of the blood to prevent blood clots.

For this purpose, several groups of medicines:

  • Anti-inflammatory. They remove the swelling, reduce inflammation, improve the General condition. However, these drugs have several side effects, therefore used under the close supervision of a doctor.
  • Means for thinning the blood. There is one "but": such drugs with caution should apply to patients with ulcer. If the history of a gastrointestinal disease – notify attending physician to avoid the aggravation.
  • Phlebotonics usually released in the form of a pill twice a day with equal intervals. They allow you to improve the tone of blood vessels, making them stronger and more elastic.
Most drugs for the treatment of varicose veins have side effects, have a number of contraindications. Tell the doctor who prescribes a treatment, about all existing medical conditions to enable them to choose the most safe drug.


Used as an auxiliary means of dealing with varicose. Hot water causes dilation of blood vessels, cold constricts. Several successive contraction and expansion vessel replaces a good workout.

Do not have to rinse the water body enough to affect the manifestations of varicose veins. The temperature difference should be about 30 degrees (10 for cold, 40 hot, or 15 and 45, respectively).


With varicose veins to wear it anyway. It has a uniform expresso action that causes blood vessels to shrink, which prevents the spillage of blood outside the blood vessels. Underwear (socks, stockings, tights) has fully removed the venous extension.


This method allows to dispense with major surgery in that case, if the damaged vessels cannot be restored. The procedure lasts no more than 20 minutes, the patient requires no further hospitalization.

During sclerotherapy injected into the damaged vein sclerosing substance. It causes adhesion of the walls of the vessel. Blood flow in this Vienna stops completely, over time it degenerates into fibrous tissue. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, virtually no contraindications.

Laser treatment

This method is reminiscent of sclerotherapy, but there are no punctures. Medical apparatus affects the vessel by the laser beam. The laser light is absorbed by hemoglobin, causing heating of the vein from the inside.

In the result, the walls of the vein stick together, gradually, the blood flow is stopped. Hereinafter, the process occurs as with sclerotherapy: blood circulation is carried out on other vessels, and a severed vein is gradually absorbed, becoming connective tissue.

Surgical treatment

It is used in that case to stop the disease with medicines failed. Surgery is necessary if the skin in the lesions formed ulcers, or completely disrupted blood flow in the area of venous nodes is the accumulation of blood clots.

The operation is a good way to cure of existing varicose veins, to remove the protruding venous congestion nodes. But it is not a guarantee that disease will not occur for the other Vienna.

Simultaneously with the surgical intervention it is necessary to identify and eliminate the root cause of the disease.

How to treat varicose veins at home: traditional methods

Basically, they boil down to local treatment. This tool for grinding, ointments, compresses and wraps using natural components. Their main advantage – minimal risk of side effects. A main disadvantage lies in the fact that so treated the varicose veins in the early stages. Late, when surgery is indicated, compresses and means for grinding will not be enough.

Apple cider vinegar in the treatment of varicose veins

The first method is application of Apple cider vinegar. It improves the tone of blood vessels, is a source of vitamins and minerals, reduces inflammation, eliminates excess moisture. It is used for rubbing the affected area, as well as for compresses. To do this, use pure vinegar for a poultice it is best to dilute with water in proportion 1:1, to avoid burns.

Packs of tomatoes

how to get rid of varicose veins surgery

Another home method to the veins and dilated veins: the pulp of ripe or green tomatoes to put on a cotton cloth and make a compress. Change it every two hours all day. The course of treatment – 2 weeks. This method is suitable for those who do not need every day to go to work. Helps to reduce the symptoms of the disease by the middle of the first week of treatment.

Honey for the treatment of varicose veins

Honey wraps take less time and not so time consuming. Use any natural honey. It is applied on a cloth or elastic bandage, is applied to the affected area for 2 hours. The next day, the duration increases by 2 times. On the 4th day leave for the night. After 4 days make a break for a month.

Potato for getting rid of ulcers

To heal ulcers in the region of varicose veins can be, applying to them a raw grated potato. Slurry is applied to the area of the ulcer fix the dressing. After 5 hours, the potatoes need to change. The duration of treatment until complete healing.