How to cure varicose veins: the best means

Varicose veins present every second person after 40. Some are it appears much swollen veins, and others just periodic pain and fatigue in the legs. To treat the disease need at any stage of its flow to prevent complications. Consider how to cure varicose veins folk remedies, as well as using medicines and external funds.

how to cure varicose veins

Surgical treatment of varicose veins

Let's start with the categorical way to understand that it is better not to bring this up. And then learn how to cure varicose veins without surgery.

Surgery is used on the last stages of the disease or when other methods don't work.

The removal of blood

Involves incision of the vein or puncture to release a certain amount of blood (300 ml). This allows you to run a backup of the mechanisms of blood flow. After excision the vein, you can also enter medications.

For the procedure sometimes used leeches. They don't just suck blood, but also inject in a vein of a substance which enhances the therapeutic effect of the procedure.


To partially cure the varicose veins on the leg using a phlebectomy. This is an operation to remove the affected veins. As a result of such intervention can achieve the best cosmetic effect: legs are smooth, without protruding blood vessels. Therapeutic use is also, of course, is: the blood flow is restored.

Phlebectomy can be carried out surgically when the lesion is in Vienna, are literally extracted from the General circulation by the hook. The second method is with a laser. Is injected into a vein the laser fiber, under the influence of which the walls are glued together and fused. Vienna ceased to function.

Conservative treatment of varicose veins

Still most people wondered whether it is possible to cure varicose veins without surgery. Yeah, maybe, but only if a timely approach. To treat varicose veins have consistently and comprehensively, using several types of therapy.

Drug therapy

Or treatment of pills. So-called pills of varicose veins does not exist. But there are drugs that can improve the tone of veins, strengthen the walls, reduce inflammation and thin the blood. Of modern and effective drugs are:

  • Anticoagulants.
  • Decongestants.
  • Disaggregants.
  • To address hyperpigmentation of the skin.
  • Antioxidants.

Drugs should be prescribed by a doctor or vascular surgeon in the complex therapy. Because only the pills will allow to cure my legs from varicose veins. You need to use other methods.

External methods of dealing with varicose veins

There are several options that can be combined or alternated.

Compression stockings

Wearing special Golf or stockings that have different areas of different pressure feet, allows not only to avoid swelling and fatigue, but also to improve the function of the veins. Wearing such a Jersey is not painful, it does not cause discomfort. The problem lies in the proper selection of the compression ratio. It is desirable that it is determined by the doctor, because it depends on the severity of the occurrence of varicose veins.

How to cure varicose veins, just wearing stockings? First, you need to do it regularly, putting on sweaters in the morning and clearing in the evening. This is very useful especially for those who have a sedentary or standing work. Second, to achieve the effect, you can wear a slimming stockings under ointment against varicose veins, which we describe later. Compression stockings can be worn both women and men. For the latter, there are special socks and stockings in black, so they are indistinguishable from regular clothes.

Ointment and cream against varicose veins

This is a great auxiliary method of treatment. To put a special ointment on night and compression stockings.

Thanks to external funds, it is possible to achieve the following results:

ointment varicose veins
  1. reduction of pain in the feet;
  2. the decrease in the level of swelling;
  3. the improvements in the valve system;
  4. increased tone of the venous walls;
  5. restoration of blood flow;
  6. preventing complications.

Feedback note the effect of the use of ointments together with pills and wearing compression stockings. If you smear your legs and do nothing – the results will not be. Although, if we are talking about the prevention of varicose veins, ointment would be sufficient.

Foot massage and contrast shower

Now, how to cure varicose veins in legs home. Those who suffer from varicose veins should include in your daily routine two procedures: a contrast shower (alternating cool and warm water) and massage feet. The latter can be combined with a rubbing ointment, or use a special massage ball.

Massage and contrast shower will help to improve blood flow. It also promotes the resorption of small thrombi, which subsequently will not develop into a dense obstruction to blood vessels.

Traditional methods against varicose

You can try to cure varicose veins folk remedies. But this method should be discussed with a doctor and also be used comprehensively. Here are some recipes from the magazine healthy lifestyle.

The leaves of burdock

To gain burdock in the Park or forest. At home rinse them under running water. Pre-wrap the legs in a single layer of sterile bandage. Then attach a couple of leaves with the back to warm the kettle for a few seconds. Applying warm mugs to the feet at night. Apply this remedy every other day for 2 weeks. Helps with pain and swelling.

Apple cider vinegar

If the foot no trophic ulcers and other damage, it is possible to RUB them with Apple cider vinegar at night. After a month of daily grinding nodes will resolve, the feet will be visually more beautiful and smooth. If there are no problems with the stomach and intestines, Apple cider vinegar can be drunk. 1 tbsp diluted in a glass of water, add honey and drink half an hour before Breakfast.


You will need 100 g of powdered spices. The powder is poured 0.5 liters of vodka and insist in a dark dish for 10 days. Every day you need to shake the bottle (to the Bank). After that, the medium is filtered and used 20 drops before meals. Can be used to cure.

Where better to treat varicose veins

Is it possible to cure varicose veins at home? This question is raised by people who have no time for hospital treatment, and just those who don't like medical facilities. Home treatment it is possible; the person can continue to go to work. But to choose and appoint all the procedures have still doctor (angiologist). He also is a schedule of visits of the patient, to monitor disease dynamics.

The most severe cases of varicose veins can be treated in the clinic, in the Department of vascular surgery. If such an office is not, the patient can put in conventional surgery. Of the procedures in this case are assigned injections (diuretics, reduces swelling), dropper (to purify and thin the blood), pill. If for a certain period of time conditions have not improved, your doctor may raise the question about the need for phlebectomy or other kind of surgery.

Quickly cure your varicose veins will not work either in the clinic or at home. Even after the removal of the affected vein is required to comply with the prevention to save the result.

How to prevent varicose veins

Important question: is it possible to cure varicose veins forever? Yes, if after eliminating all of the symptoms you observe some simple preventive measures.

  • Continue to wear compression stockings (at least a few days a week).
  • In the year to drink 1-2 a course of tablets to support vein health to normal.
  • To move more, to do self-massage or massage, do not forget about contrast shower.
  • Try to avoid very high heels and socks with a tight elastic band.
treatment of varicose veins

Prevention of varicose veins simple; it is the frequency. If you ignore any of the procedures, varicose can begin again. And it will again have to be treated. And treatment of the disease is always more exhausting than its prevention.