What scared varicosity: an effective traditional treatment

The use of synthetic drugs for the treatment of any disease, including varicose vein, always leads to some unpleasant consequences. But the treatment of varicosity of folk remedies, and unsafe if at 100%, the side effects of traditional medicine is much inferior to the negative effects of drugs.

And the cost of national treatment several times smaller. This is why folk remedies for the treatment of varicosity, to date, have not lost their actuality and are widely used by people.

varicose veins are popular treatment

It should be understood that such treatment would be most effective in the early stages of the disease (the appearance of spider veins and feeling of heaviness in the legs), and least effective in advanced cases where can help only surgical intervention. It is therefore necessary to monitor their well-being and at the first symptoms, consult a doctor to confirm their suspicions.

Stasis, leading to varicose expansion of veins, usually first striking in the lower limb, therefore the recipes of folk remedies from varicosity of the legs are the most in demand. Let us expand on the basic recipes of traditional medicine.

Old recipes for ointments from varicosity

All national ointment varicosity are prepared on the basis of vegetable oil, often olive due to the high content of arachidonic acid. To make the mixture thicker in the old recipes recommend adding in the ointment of melted animal fat. The process of preparation of such mixtures is rather simple.

Tincture from varicosity

No less popular and various extracts from varicosity, to cook which are much easier, but much longer. The basis of all tinctures is vodka, so if your feet have areas of damaged skin, such methods of treatment should refrain.

The most effective is tincture kalanchoe, it is often added to white comfrey or acacia in the proportions of 1:1. Such infusions are prepared as follows: leaves of medicinal plants are finely chopped, pour into a jar, pour vodka and allowed to settle for 10-14 days in a dark place.

Ready infusion should be rubbed into the skin of the legs from foot to knee for 3 months twice a day.

varicose veins are popular treatment oil

Apple cider vinegar in the treatment of varicosity as the tool number 1

Treatment varicosity vinegar is quite popular and effective method in the fight against disease. Apple cider vinegar helps in the treatment of varicosity because it includes more than 20 minerals and trace elements needed by the blood vessels as well as vitamins C, A, and with its regular use to achieve:

  • improve the tone of the skin;
  • strengthening of vascular walls;
  • relieve swelling;
  • improving blood circulation.

However, all this is achievable only in case if the treatment has been used a natural product made from fresh juice, not the rind, as do the manufacturers of this type of vinegar.

What oils treat varicosity?

Along with the creams, tinctures and vinegar are widely used and various essential oils. In the treatment of varicosity most commonly used oils: castor, black cumin, sandalwood, garlic, flax and others.

Essential oils against varicosity usually use 2 ways:

  1. Add a few drops of 2-3 different oils in the tub with warm water, make you want every evening.
  2. Added to massage cream or massage oil and gentle movements from the ankles to her thigh and rubbed the areas with the affected veins.

Such use of the oil helps not only to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, but also reduces swelling in the lower extremities.

varicose veins folk propolis treatment

Apitherapy, propolis, bee a honey sample and in the treatment of varicosity

Treatment varicosity bees has a long history and it is not surprising if to analyze the composition and use of various bee products, be it poison, a sample, propolis or honey. All of these recipes are quite good and effective, but not always available to urban residents.

It is easier to get honey. Treatment varicosity honey is as follows: the canvas is applied a layer of honey and apply it to the inflamed veins, wrapped the top with plastic wrap and secured with a bandage. On the first day of such treatment a compress kept on the leg for 2 hours, second 3, third 4, and then compress with honey, leave overnight. Duration of honey therapy is usually 2-3 weeks.

Whether the tomatoes in the treatment of varicosity?

For the treatment of varicose vein are not any tomatoes, but only the unripe green.

Treatment varicosity green tomatoes is quite simple and is as follows: tomato cut in half, 1 half is applied to the inflamed pulp Vienna and hold until you feel a burning sensation. Tomato take, and skin area rinsed with cool water. Then to the leg put the other half of the tomato, and so repeat 4 times. Daily use of green tomatoes against varicose vein, for 3 weeks, you may notice blanching and mitigation venous nodes.

Treatment varicosity nutmeg

Nutmeg in the treatment of varicosity is used due to its ability to stimulate blood flow and relieve inflammation of the veins. The medicine is prepared from nutmeg as follows: whole nuts rubbed on a grater or grind in a coffee grinder, 1/3 teaspoon of powder, pour a glass of boiling water, cooled to room temperature, add honey and infuse for another 20 minutes.

To drink a decoction is necessary in the morning before Breakfast. It is important that each day was preparing a fresh batch of powder. Otherwise, essential oils wear off, and the drink will lose the healing properties.

There is another recipe using nutmeg: 200 grams of grated walnut pour with a liter of vodka and insist 10 days, then take three times a day 20 drops for three months.

varicose veins are popular treatment cabbage

Cabbage will help in the treatment of varicosity

Since ancient times doctors used cabbage leaves to relieve inflammation. This is not surprising, given how many vitamins and minerals contained in the leaves of cabbage. Cabbage leaves in the treatment of varicose vein are used as a compress.

A compress is done as follows: cabbage leaves rolled with a rolling pin or bounces, then one side is smeared with oil and applied to inflamed Vienna, on top of cabbage leaf is fixed with a bandage and leave for a day. The next day the procedure was repeated, and so do 30 times.

Ginger in the treatment of varicosity

Ginger for varicose veins can be used as a means for internal or external use. So tea from ginger is a good remedy not only for the prevention of inflammation of the veins, but the treatment of the disease at any stage of its manifestation. To prepare this tea is very simple: just cut off from the root with a small round piece of ginger, pour boiling water, let stand for 15 minutes. It should be noted that in addition to blood circulation, this drink has a good effect on the metabolism, so drink ginger is particularly useful for those who have problems with the veins arose from the excess weight.

A compress of ginger is as follows: root finely rubs, mixed with honey and applied to the inflamed Vienna for 3-4 hours. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to wrap the foot in something warm.

varicose veins are popular treatment ginger

Useful properties of cranberries in the treatment of varicosity

Like ginger, viburnum can be used either as a compress or as a beverage with vitamins. In the first case, the patient will have to take fresh berries, grind them to a pulp, spread the mixture on a cloth and apply to area of skin with an inflamed vein, and fasten with a bandage. This compress is best done before bedtime and leave on overnight.

Drink from viburnum, in essence, is the juice mixed with honey in the ratio of 2 tablespoons of honey 500 ml of juice. I subscribed to it 2 tablespoons 4 times a day for a month and a half.

Effect of pumpkin in the treatment of varicosity

We all know that pumpkin is a very useful product containing many vitamins and minerals. For the treatment of varicose vein is used the inner pulp previously freed from the seeds. This pulp should be completely RUB the limb with the problematic veins, wrap something warm and leave for the night. The remaining pulp can be stored in the refrigerator.

Since the effect of compresses pumpkin is very soft, when you use this method of treatment should be patient.

varicose veins are popular treatment Adam's Apple.

The Adam's Apple in the treatment of varicosity

Adam's Apple for the treatment of varicosity is used in the form of ointment, which is prepared as follows: take a glass jar, which is filled with a layer adipi 15 mm thick, then on top of adipi cut into slices fruits de marcus tullius (Adam's Apple) layer of 10 mm, then again a layer adipi and so on, until the Bank is filled. It is important that the latter was a layer adipi. Once the Bank is filled, put it on steam bath or in the oven on a slow fire for a day (must not boil), then strain, cool and RUB 1-2 times during the day to problem areas.

varicosity is afraid of a lemon

Lemon for therapeutic purposes can be applied both internally and externally in the form of pain compresses. To prepare this compress easily. Take the lemon, cut into slices, is applied to inflamed parts and is wrapped with a bandage or compressor paper. Wear the poultice should throughout the day, 2-3 times replacing the lemon fresh.

The lemon juice cleans the blood vessels and increases the elasticity of their walls, so this citrus should include in your diet everybody who has problems with veins or wants to prevent their occurrence.

One of the most effective medicines folk medicine against inflammation of veins is considered to be the following: 6 lemons peel and squeeze out the juice, crushed 5 cloves garlic and 3 leaves of the Golden mouth, add 2 cups of honey and all carefully mix. The resulting mixture is left to steep in a glass container for 1 week in a dark place. This drug is used for 4 tsp once a day for a month.

Treatment varicosity potatoes

Potatoes in the treatment of varicosity is used in the form of compresses, prepared from the tubers of this plant.

Taken a few potatoes, washed and cleaned from the skin, then they need to be grated and put a layer of 1 cm on inflamed veins. The top layer of potatoes wrapped with about 8 layers of gauze, the top of which is also impregnated with juice of potatoes. Keep this poultice should be at least 4 hours, it is important that it is made with fresh grated, not the old potatoes.

varicose veins are popular treatment Shilajit

Shilajit in the treatment of varicosity

Mummy with varicosity used due to its properties to reduce stagnation and swelling. Helps ointment from the mummy in the early stages of disease development. This creates the ointment in the following manner: 5 parts of petrolatum are given 1 part of the Altai resin, all of this is thoroughly mixed and rubbed soft and smooth movements three times a day in areas with inflamed veins. Wash off the ointment can be no earlier than one hour from the moment of its application.

Also Shilajit can be used indoors: a small piece of resin mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey and milk and consumed twice a day for a month.

Do you use fish oil when varicosity?

Fish oil is mostly administered orally, which helps normalize metabolism and weight reduction as one of the main causes of stagnation in the veins. However, there is another use of fish oil.

Taken fish oil and may honey in proportion 1:1 and mixed until a homogeneous mass. The resulting ointment is applied on a linen cloth, wrap her injured leg and left overnight.

Onions from varicosity

The greatest effect for the varicosity has not the onion, and the husk. Peel onions from the varicosity involved in a variety of recipes.

  • 2 tablespoons chopped husk pour 100 ml of vodka and insist on for 7 days, then tincture filter and take 20 drops three times a day 15 minutes before meals.
  • 2 tablespoons of chopped peel pour 2 cups of boiling water, insist under the lid for 6 hours, filtered and three times a day, drink a quarter Cup before eating for one and a half weeks.

Treatment varicosity garlic

Garlic with varicosity recommend the use of a compress, which is prepared as follows: take the garlic with a white husk and crushed, then add butter in the proportion of 1:2. The resulting ointment before going to sleep lubricate the swollen veins and wrap the top with a permanent paper or bandage. In the morning the remnants of the ointment off. The procedure must be repeated every day for several weeks.

Is it possible to treat varicosity salt?

Salt of the varicosity used for baths or saline dressings. It is believed that it is best to use sea salt. It is diluted with water to obtain a liquid slurry. This slurry is used for the saline dressings. Saline dressings in the varicosity to be changed several times a day, keeping each not more than 4 hours.

In some recipes salt slurry is recommended to cool in the refrigerator for up to zero temperature and make a compress in the morning and keep up until the salt is heated and then remove the skin to avoid irritation.

The effect of treatment varicosity salt bandages usually occurs within a month from the start of the procedures.

Treatment varicosity soda

To use the soda from the varicosity recommended Zalmanov yet. According to his recipe in a larger bowl pour warm water and dissolve it in 200 g of baking soda and 70 g of alum. All of this is carefully stirred until complete dissolution, then feet are placed in a container of water. The duration of this bath should be about 15 minutes. The course of treatment including foot baths episodic: 2 days 1 for two weeks.

If the disease is high up the legs, you can use the bath with soda, to do with the more concentrated solution is not necessary. After a bath the body does not wipe, and wrap in a towel.