Apple cider vinegar for varicose veins - treatment recipes and reviews

According to a large number of specialists to treat varicose veins more often used Apple cider vinegar. To achieve better effect, the product is not worth buying ready, it is better to do it yourself.

Apple cider vinegar against varicose veins

With no time to cook, you can buy only the 6% solution, in which no dyes and various harmful preservatives, which fully complies with the requirements of GOST. Only in this case Apple cider vinegar with varicose veins will be as efficient as possible.

Use vinegar

Advantages of Apple cider vinegar founded in guaranteeing effects such as severe hardening of the arteries and blood vessels, complete removal of the swelling, significantly improves the General circulation and on the blood vessels is a General tonic influence.

Similar positive results are achieved due to the unique composition of this product. Apple cider vinegar varicose veins is composed of the useful minerals, vitamins and amino acids. After application of the substance vessels become more elastic, is the total anti-inflammatory effect.

If you follow the rules of the use of vinegar, after about a month of constant treatment of the patient better. As confirmed by numerous reviews, after a month of use, tiredness of legs, disappear cramps and pain.

Features of the application of Apple cider vinegar

The professionals who do vein treatment, offer patients a variety of options the use of substances. Independently use is not recommended, as it is important to know what treatments are able to provide pre-emptive therapeutic intervention.

Compresses and therapeutic rubbing

The simplest application of Apple cider vinegar is rubbing the solution in place of venous inflammation. The procedure should be performed at least two times daily, preferably after application of the bath or shower daily. When rubbing, you can use self-massage. Immediately after the event, the acetate composition is not necessary to wash off.

When performing therapeutic compresses, you will need to take a small folded piece of bandage, moisten it in vinegar and apply to the sore veins. On top of the wrap is to insulate. Keeps the bandage from 30 to 40 minutes, with the feet preferably up a bit.

Baths and wraps

During the procedure it is desirable to be alone, and it should last half an hour. Held a similar event about 3 times a week.

Therapeutic baths are prepared relatively simply. You must carry out the following procedure:

  1. You need to prepare the container in which the feet can be soaked to the knee;
  2. 5 liters of water is added about a quarter Cup of vinegar;
  3. To enhance the effect obtained in the solution is to add oil of cypress, juniper, mint, and sea salt;
  4. The procedure is carried out at least 4 times a week, each of them should last for 20 minutes.

For carrying out these procedures the matter will need to mix with cool water. The ratio of proportions should be one to three. Feet inflamed veins to pour throughout the day about 5 times or more. It is an ideal treatment option for those who have the opportunity throughout the day to stay at home.

treatment of varicose veins

In the process of external use of Apple cider vinegar patient may face allergic reactions such as slight peeling, itching and redness. To eliminate such unpleasant phenomena, it is sufficient just to wash off the vinegar down.

The adoption of vinegar inside

Treatment of varicose veins with Apple cider vinegar can be constructed on taking it in. If outdoor use is fine and bought the product for drinking substance it is better to prepare yourself.

To prepare a medicinal drink, you will need to take a glass of water and add a couple of tablespoons of vinegar, pre-prepared at home. All are thoroughly mixed and fully consumed in the course of the day.

To their own hands to prepare the vinegar drink, it is necessary to follow certain guidelines and procedures. You will need to undertake the following:

  • Mellow, ripe apples need very finely chop. The resulting composition is placed into a big pot and everything is filled with warm, not hot water. The liquid must exceed the apples by about 3 cm.
  • If you want you can add a little honey, which will make the solution sweeter.
  • The resulting composition should be left on for two weeks, from time to time stir the apples with a spoon made of wood.
  • Two weeks later, the composition is carefully filtered through a double gauze. Selected the capacity to fill to the end, leaving about 7 cm from the neck.

The mixed composition is added to a glass of water in the volume a couple of spoonfuls. Exceed the dosage is not recommended. Store the resulting composition to room temperature in a dark place. Unique content product able to saturate the body with amino acids, which begin to be produced in greater numbers.

Taking the vinegar orally to treat varicose veins, the patient receives optimum desired value from the incoming lactic, acetic and citric acids.

Contraindications to the use of vinegar

Apple cider vinegar for varicose veins of the legs is not always effective. There are certain contraindications to its use. Therapy Apple cider vinegar has to be started after obtaining prior approval from a specialist. The physician must examine the patient, evaluate the benefits of the solution as well as to reflect the likely harm.

Among the main contraindications to the use of the solution can be identified such pathologies, and diseases as:

  1. Ulcerative lesions of the stomach and intestines, all forms of gastritis;
  2. Disruption in the liver;
  3. Different inflammatory diseases, ulcerative colitis and pathology such as Crohn's disease;
  4. Problems with the liver and gallbladder;
  5. Disruption of the normal amount of potassium in the human body.

There are certain contraindications for the external use of Apple cider vinegar. It is strictly forbidden to use the product in the presence of other health conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema.

Summing up

To obtain information as to whether the solution of Apple cider vinegar, not enough. It is important to apply the substance to the exclusion of all contraindications. To achieve the in the treatment perfect positive effect only while the application is assigned to a professional medicines and medical procedures.

If you decide to undergo treatment with Apple cider vinegar, you should take into account that the total degree of total efficiency of the treatment process will depend on consistency and full compliance with prescribed by a specialist recommendations. These terms and conditions will help not just completely eliminate all signs of disease, but also for years to protect her from the patient.

Feedback about the use of vinegar

If there is any doubt about whether to use Apple cider vinegar varicose veins on legs reviews of people already receiving treatment, you can explore.

Alex, 44 years. I'm about a month used this remedy in the treatment of varicose veins. I used it externally and internally, that helped me at the initial stage quickly defeat pathology. I didn't even have to use drug therapy.

Natalia, 56 years old. My doctor advised me as a complementary treatment of varicose veins to use compresses and baths on the basis of Apple cider vinegar. It helped me, did everything according to the recommendations, because no unpleasant consequences and the side effects haven't caused me any discomfort.

Alexander, 48 years old. Prepared the drink, making all, as suggested I specialist. Because of the strong development of pathology, he advised me to not drink a glass of water and two in the morning and before bed. Simultaneously with the prescribed medicines, I was able to quickly get rid of the problem. After two months my legs got kind of a, who had in his youth, moreover, completely gone pain. All my friends now suggest a similar treatment, but only after consultation with their doctors.