What to do if sick veins in the legs: treatment at home, symptoms pain in legs with varicose veins

Varices – a disease that brings with them not only unpleasant cosmetic defect in the form of spider veins early in the disease and swelling of the veins in later stages of development, but also excruciating pain in the legs, usually worse in the evening.

In this article we'll talk about how manifests itself pain in the legs with varicose veins, symptoms and signs of disease. And consider the question: what to do if sick veins on legs treatment at home.

pain with varicose veins

Causes of pain

From this disease and now affect every third woman and every fifth man. Basically, these are people whose work involves physical activity or long stay in a sitting position or standing.

There are many other causes as genetic predisposition, obesity, etc. Pain in the legs with varicose veins arise from the fact that with regular load or clamping of the vessels of the lower extremities, the blood stagnates in them, they stretched, deformed, and blood circulation is disturbed. Their deformity and painful.

As a result of violations of blood circulation in the surrounding tissues begin to accumulate toxins that are normally carried away by the blood for normal functioning. The presence of these toxic substances start to form trophic changes. It is also a source of pain with varicose veins of the legs.

Important! To prevent varicose veins recommended regular walks for at least 20 mins a day and do exercises

Early in the disease foot pain can weak to bother, or they may not be observed.

But, if you do not pay attention to the appearance of the first symptoms, pain will occur in the future and will only increase.

Doctors distinguish three stages of development of varicose veins with a characteristic for each of them painful sensations of the patient:

  • in the first stage, pain syndrome absent or very weak;
  • the second stage is associated with pain, requiring relief;
  • in the third stage of the development of pain with varicose veins already brings such severe suffering. Without anesthetics it is impossible to do.

One can often hear: a person varicose veins — sore leg what to do? First, let's talk about the signs of the disease. And then consider the question, than remove the pain with varicose veins of the lower extremities?

The characteristics

Pain in legs varicose veins most often occur in the region of the knee, below the knee and sometimes below the calf.

The nature of the painful sensations can be different – constant and dolore, tingling, or sharp searing spasms – it depends on the extent of the disease, the amount of load and other factors.

Legs can also numb the result opprimendi vessels, for example, sedentary work. In some cases, severe pain accompanied by convulsions.

Soreness in legs could be signs of other diseases, but with varicose veins of the lower extremities, they are characterized by certain symptoms:

  • the pain begins in the second half of the day, increasing towards evening;
  • the dependence of the force of pain from the intensity of the load during the day;
  • the pain gets better when you lie down and raise my feet up above heart level, ensuring the outflow of blood from them;
  • the pain is often worse when the person relaxes the muscles, for example, getting ready for bed;
  • the pain don't stop themselves eventually become stronger, and if untreated this disease can lead to disability.
Attention! If at night my legs are so whining that it is impossible to sleep, and the body temperature rises, it is possible to suspect of thrombosis. This disease is characterized by inflammation of blood vessels and formation of clot in mortal danger.

How to relieve leg pain with varicose veins or at least how to relieve leg pain with varicose veins? There are several methods of treatment and prevention.

pain with varicose veins treatment

Treatment: methods

With regular foot pain, especially when detected and other signs indicating the development of circulatory disorders, please contact the specialist dealing with the disease – phlebologist.

He will prescribe the necessary treatment, which can be:

  • medical pills, ointments, creams;
  • surgery;
  • laser treatment;
  • support methods – compression garments, therapeutic exercises;
  • traditional medicines.

If you got the question: with varicose veins of the legs, what to do? The answer is — start treatment immediately!


To relieve foot pain you can use analgesic drugs that are sold in any drugstore without a prescription. But they only temporarily relieve from suffering, treatment does need to see a specialist.

Perhaps these drugs the doctor will prescribe either, but indicate the dosage in each case and is recommended and necessary treatment or procedures.

Here is a list of tools that can help temporarily relieve the pain:

  • pills varicose veins will help to relieve the pain of moderate strength, but there is nothing they can do against spasm. Fast effect pills have such as diclofenac, ibuprofen, indomethacin, nimesulide. These active substances are produced in tubes in the form of creams and gels. To improve tone of blood vessels and veins phlebotonics administered – they relieve pain and help return health to the blood vessels as well as anticoagulants, thinning the blood and promoting its circulation. But the dosage and combination of medications will be advised to only specialist, as possible side effects;
  • preparations in the form of ointments, creams and gels, which has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.Pain with varicose veins of the legs differ only in the form of release, and the use of auxiliary components, the main active ingredient all one.It should be applied onto clean skin, RUB massage movements or just leave to soak;
  • if the pain is quite strong, perhaps with a cramp on the skin of the feet can cause any warming means it will increase the speed of blood circulation . At the same time to take a pill for the pain.
pain with varicose veins treatment fluids
Tip: to prevent discomfort and pain in the legs with varicose veins are advised to wear a compression garment, which prevents the torpor of blood in the lower extremities. For this purpose, suitable and elastic bandages.

Traditional methods

How to relieve pain with varicose veins at home? You can use traditional methods of treatment.

In conjunction with medical drugs, help and recipes of traditional medicine:

  • to the affected area it is recommended to attach the washed and batted the sheet whitewashed cabbage;
  • rubbing the skin of tinctures horse chestnut prepared in the following manner: two hundred and fifty grams of vodka – fifty grams of chopped peeled chestnuts, leave for seven days, hiding from the light;
  • helps blend these fruits with butter, with oil, you can mix and pressed garlic in a ratio of two to one;
  • a cold compress with Apple cider vinegar. Gauze cloth dipped in vinegar, applied to the affected area, fascia. Legs with a compress do need to keep raised up.;
  • tincture of nutmeg at the rate of: per liter of vodka – two hundred grams of crushed walnut. Let stand ten days. The solution is used to lubricate, you can also drink twenty drops per day;
  • compresses with honey;
  • a mixture of leaves of plantain or of wormwood (flowers and leaves) with sour milk one to one. Apply on gauze and primitives for a while. Usually after three or four days the pain disappears;
  • compresses slurry of raw grated potato, blend for a few hours.

If you cannot remove the pain of the above funds, quickly and effectively helps laser treatment. This procedure has no contraindications and restrictions is executed for forty minutes, and the patient after the operation can immediately get to work and lead a normal lifestyle.

pain with varicose veins treatment folk methods
If the disease has gone so far as to save from pain and even disability only surgery, the patient is assigned to the operation. Small incisions are made and the varicose node of the right great saphenous vein of the leg is removed.

To get rid of the pain of varicose veins of the lower extremities, possible only under the guidance of a doctor-phlebologist, performing the entire complex of the treatment prescribed. Self-medication and use of painkillers for varicose veins will lead to the development of more severe forms of the disease.

Hope this was useful and you now know how sore varicose veins on the legs and how to relieve the pain in the legs with varicose veins.