Varicose veins in men

varicose veins in men

This disease affects today not only women but also men. And the last main factor is genetic predisposition. What are the additional causes of varicose veins in men?

What to do?

Contribute to the development of varicose veins and way of life, including various abuses, bad habits.

But to the greatest degree varicose veins suffer still men who are overweight usually occurs due to improper diet: too many carbohydrates and, conversely, the lack of plant food. Because the feet carry the entire weight of the body, with excess weight accounting for the additional load.

Under effect of high body weight results in an additional compression of the veins, which blood it is forced to flow under high pressure than with low weight. As a result, in some of the most weakest parts of the venous tissue is it stretching, which leads to the formation of swellings and nodes.

Consequence of varicose veins in men is often a varicocele - varicose veins of the testicle. Develops malnutrition testicles, it shrinks, and, as a consequence, there is an infringement of sperm production. Testes become flaccid, pathological, and as a result man is waiting for infertility.

The thing is, that the vein that carries blood from the right testicle empties into the inferior Vena cava, and from the left to the left renal. Last we have "shifted" through the aorta in a very dangerous place, which, being compressed, becomes a dam in the way of the venous bed.

In this segment gradually increases the pressure, the valves are no longer keep the blood, and thus start to fail in the egg.

This process, oddly enough, occurs in the elderly. But it is more common in boys aged 16 - 18 years, when the internal organs and especially the vascular system can't keep up with skeletal growth.

With 20 years in this case was used purely surgical methods that were fraught with dangerous consequences, often leading to infertility.

Now in vascular surgery applied minus traumatica endoscopic operations in which the tied ularis Vienna.

As for the varicose veins in men legs, then his treatment apply both conservative and surgical methods of treatment. Sclerotherapy is one of the main methods of non-surgical treatment of the disease.

Our clinic also carried out eliminating the first signs of varicose disease: multiple small capillary (diameter 0.3-0.5 mm), pigmentation, puffiness, dryness and reduce skin tone.

Miniflebektomiya, Stripping, kriostripping performed in a hospital and the next day you can return to your normal lifestyle and your daily life.