How and what methods to treat varicose veins

On the treatment of varicose veins you are thinking, when the disease is already available there. Information about the prevention before you came, but you didn't think it was needed, so the note didn't take. But now that the shins have arisen venous patterns have been interested in closely. And somehow unconvincing, all that is offered by Intrusive Internet advertising and other media. Due to age and some life experience you do not trust the creams and ointments that promise to rid you of varicose veins quickly and painlessly. And perhaps the distrust has no place, and the experience of a failed course, the miracle treatment for my back. As it was not - the problem is ALREADY there and it has to be solved. And to do it properly.

We dared to take on the role of the facilitators, to tell you in detail what varicose veins are there and what kind of treatment each one requires. We will be based on extensive practical experience phlebologists, who have successfully rid of varicose veins many patients. And do it using the most advanced achievements of world medicine.

What you need to know about treating varicose veins?

what methods to treat varicose veins

International classification of varicose veins (CEAR) helps physicians to understand the pathology in great detail. It takes into account the anatomical and physiological characteristics, considering the level of health of the patient, the types and severity of complications. The classification is extensive, to understand it takes a long time, but let this work will take a professional phlebologists. We propose to consider the varices on the principle - from simple to complex. I.e. from initial stages to move on to advanced cases, and find out which treatment and when appropriate.

Varices initial

First encounter with varicose veins is not necessarily representative. Onset of the disease is characterized by fuzzy the first symptoms, you are easily mistaken for fatigue. Modest ailment. Whine in the evening legs, a little swollen sometimes sore after long movement - so what? Rest a tray will do, cream for tired feet use. You look a lot better. And you forget about the discomfort, continue their ordinary life, wear your favorite stilettos and skinny pants.

After a time the symptoms come back, increase swelling, feet become ugly, pastose in the evening. Studs don't want to wear you start to get tired quickly from walking even in comfortable shoes.

It is at such symptoms should first visit a doctor! You have primary varicose veins, which can be successfully treated without surgery.

You will object, why are such trifles to go to the doctor! Because you can try folk remedies to prepare home-made ointments, herbs to drink. Such opinion, the main mistake of the patients with initial stages of varicose veins.

Remember - even cure of primary varicose veins at home is impossible. He will still come back and will develop further.

And slowly will touch the surface first, and after deep vessels. But it is not always the initial stage of varicose veins are asymptomatic. Patients often notice the skin telangiectasias and reticular varicose veins, but do not take it into account. And this despite the fact that phlebologists are well aware of how easy it is to cope with the initial manifestations of varicose veins. Even without the surgery.

The second level launched: everything is visible

the second stage of varicose veins

This is a situation where the truth is not going anywhere. And feet hurt and are swelling, and superficial veins that have already been affected. Venous valve apparatus does not work - the veins are protesting. Expand, squirm, stick out. Walking becomes difficult. And appear in your memories of the phrase, but before! I.e. about the time when you can easily heels could catch a bus and buy only stylish narrow shoes. And now look dull stretches to Slippers and warm socks.

In this stage, the varicose veins treated is not something that is desirable and very necessary. And only the professionals if you want to CURE him. If you act independently from the third and final stage will not go away.

Third degree - ulcers: to explain later

Amazed by the superficial and deep veins. There are visible complications - ulcers, swelling, dark spots. Venous insufficiency and thrombophlebitis are also in a hurry to meet. Its mobility is impaired. About the aesthetic aspect you don't think - not important. Life becomes a struggle with pain and discomfort.

There is a meeting with the doctor is inevitable. And to make it effective, you need to choose the right doctor. Your option medicus - phlebologist. And no one else.

The sex - varicose veins in women and men

Varicose veins - pathology predominantly female. And not just the fault of narrow shoes it develops. Hormonal shake-up in women occur not once in my life, and veins very sensitively react to it.

Varicose veins in men is also common. Especially those who have little or, on the contrary, a lot of work physically.

Treatment of varicose veins in men is not fundamentally different from the treatment of the disease in women. But a female version often provides additional drug therapy. The treatment of male varicose veins requires more stringent changes in the regime.

The prerequisite to successful treatment of varicose veins in men and in women accurate diagnosis.

What can phlebologists

Know how very much. To treat varicose veins conservatively, calling for help, compression therapy and physical therapy, perform simple and complex surgeries. You can watch a video on minimally invasive manipulations on the veins of classic and new. This preview will help you to understand that using one puncture needle, the physician can spare you from the boring blue nodes on the shins, and at the same time from all the painful symptoms!

A little bit about folk methods of treatment

Is the treatment of varicose veins at home is too Intrusive. And implausible. You can review photos before and;after. You can try any folk remedies of a type of wormwood, Golden mustache, propolis and others. But you need to understand that if your pathology is categorized as the classic varicose veins, to treat it should be professionals. And preferably in the early stages. Then success is guaranteed.