Exercises for legs with varicose veins after surgery.

Immediately after surgery, you can start to do simple exercises while in a prone position – rotate and bend tarso joints , perform movements that mimic Cycling. After you will be allowed to get out of bed, begin to walk is the best way to restore and improve venous blood flow. The length of walks adjust in accordance with their feelings, increase it gradually.

As soon as there is a feeling of heaviness in the legs and calves, you need to take discumbentes position. If you can not lift the foot of the bed, the underlay under the foot pillow – they should not lie horizontally. In the first 1-1,5 months after the activity, consider the gentle treatment avoid strenuous exercise, but gradually increase them to a couple of months to lead a normal, usual life.

Care for joints and nutrition

Let the joints to get stronger and cicatrice orta est, so they don't squallentes your feet. The first few weeks, only wash your feet with warm water and do not use scouring pads or brushes. Exclude for six months, visiting the baths and saunas. If the healing of the stitches start to itch – grease them with iodine , it will help to relieve itching and speed up healing.

If you are overweight, you must reset is an additional load on the legs and veins. Follow a special diet, in which you can't drink carrot juice, contributing to increased blood clotting . But cherry, citrus fruits, tomatoes, pomegranates blood liquefy, so be sure to include them in your diet. In the initial period, after consultation with the doctor, you can apply medications that thin the blood and prevent the formation of blood clots.

Surgery quam varices is a complex process that requires preparation and a long recovery.

To recovery period was successful and without complications, it is important to carefully adhere to prescribed by your doctor, stick to a balanced diet and eliminate harmful habits.

Surgery quam or varices phlebectomy is performed in case of impossibility of conservative treatment. Radical intervention is necessary when the risk of thrombosis, severe Superba, trophic ulcers, irreversible vascular changes.

Surgery on varicose veins</1_img>

Surgery quam varices is performed under General or local anesthesia in a hospital, takes less than 2.5 hours. A much longer recovery period. From that, how much successfully it will influence the future health of the patient.

With modern minimally invasive techniques (e.g., sclerotherapy) hospitalization is not required. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, 3 hours after the patient can go home.

However, the recovery period needed and in the case of non-traumatica techniques. The regimen and wrong food may trigger a relapse of the disease.

The rehabilitation period after surgery quam varices is directed at prevention of complications often arise after the procedure.

To unpleasant consequences after surgery quam varices varicose veins include:
  • pain and heaviness in the legs;
  • the quam development of varices and the defeat of new veins;
  • numbness, reduced sensation of the skin;
  • bleeding and suppuration in places veins removal.

Surgery quam varices, the patient remains in the hospital 3-5 days. The doctor monitors the patient's condition, if necessary, prescribes painkillers. As a preventive measure apply tenui sanguine, and decongestant medications.


In rehabilitation period after operations on varices quam patient required compression hosiery : leg warmers, knee socks or stockings. If the swollen feet and choose the product size is impossible, use a wide elastic bandage.

It is applied from the foot to the knee and tightly hugs the legs without squeezing them. Bandages need to be worn all the period of rehabilitation, they are changed daily, the wound is processed chlorhexidine or other disinfecting agents.

After removal quam varices veins requires bed rest, but still keep not necessarily. The patient can move feet, rotate, rotary motion stops, bend the knees.

Such mini-exercises for rehabilitation after surgery quam varices improves circulation, promotes lymph drainage and prevent swelling.

When the patient will be able to get out of bed, it is necessary to increase physical activity. You can walk around the house, to do exercises for lifting and lowering the straight or bent legs.

Particularly useful in the postoperative period when quam varices exercises on the floor:
  • imitation Cycling;
  • lift knees to your chest;
  • retraction of the abdominal wall.
Such movements not only improves blood flow but also prevent constipation, which is dangerous at quam varices.

In the rehabilitation period special attention should be paid to areas where surgery was performed. The seams are formed 2-3 months, the same amount of time is scarring.

Diet for rehabilitation after surgery quam varices should be balanced and varied, which excludes products-provocateurs. In the first days after surgery the patient is offered a semi-liquid porridge on the water, soups vegetabilis; of the decoction, steam meatballs, white meat poultry, lean fish, vegetable stew. After the end of the bed rest menu can be expanded.

Important! Avoid eating too much. Weight at quam varices invalid, the maximum nutritional value of the diet – 2500 calories a day (for men with moderate physical activity).

During the rehabilitation period after operations on varices quam a very important drinking regime.
  • the menu to include homemade compotes and fructus bibit rich in vitamin C and potassium;
  • instead of coffee better to drink green or herbal tea;
  • in et quam operated varices have a positive effect freshly squeezed juices from pyropis, cherries, black currants, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit. They enrich the body with vitamins, LASCIVIBUNDUS, contribute to the thinning of the blood.

After surgery for varices quam from the diet is necessary to eliminate meals that trigger thrombosis, swelling, and impair blood flow. This category includes a variety of smoked and canned goods containing an increased amount of salt and preservatives, spicy sauces and spices, meat fat, solid vegetable fats, industrial sweets and sodas.

In the rehabilitation period after the operation is absolutely excluded alcohol, it is advisable to give up Smoking. Ethyl alcohol and nicotine accelerate the process of deformation of blood vessels and can provoke thrombosis.


The rehabilitation period after operations on varices quam – ability to pay special attention to their health. Proper diet, good hygiene, reasonable physical activity, elimination of precipitating factors will help to recover in the shortest possible time and to avoid unpleasant complications.