causes of varicose veins on the labia and treatment

cirsoid the extension of the labia are the most susceptible:

  • Pregnant women;
  • Having excess weight;
  • Those who lead a passive lifestyle (no sports, and other activities);
  • People with a long and sedentary employment;
  • Undergoing hormonal therapy;
  • Regular overload in the gym (especially if you lift weights in a vertical position);
  • The presence of chronic inflammation in the reproductive system;
  • Too frequent visits to the bath or sauna;
  • Problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Someone of your close relatives have suffered varices.

Patients from these categories should be given enough amount of attention to her vessels. If you have a valve insufficiency in the veins or weakness in the vascular walls, you are also exposed to varices.

If pregnant avoid quam varices is almost impossible, in other cases, you can try to prevent the onset of this disease. If you are overweight try to get rid of it through proper nutrition and moderate physical activity. For those who have a lot of sitting, it is recommended to walk more and engage. If you have some disease take their medication. Fans to exhaust itself in the hall it is better to limit yourself.

Stop fooling yourself

Before you read any further, I will ask you 1 question. Are you still looking for a remedy quam varices, which will help you?

I hasten to disappoint you, there isn't a SINGLE CREAM that will help to get rid of quam varices.

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Causes quam varices of the labia pregnant

When a woman is pregnant her body is going through many changes. Due to ensure homeostasis in the body of the fetus the mother's body carries a significant overload. This may be the reason that the expectant mother will appear some new pathology and exasperetur those who have chronic form. To many of these diseases applies quam varices. quam varices varicose veins of the labia can be a manifestation of dysfunction of the blood vessels not only in the groin, but throughout the body.

In pregnant women, quam varices on the genitals develops due to:
  • Growth of the uterus. Under the uterus grows and because of this expanding. As a result of this process is increased pressure on the blood vessels in the pelvis. Violated the processes of blood circulation and occurs quam varices.
  • The growth in the volume of circulating blood. During pregnancy the amount of blood is increasing due to the fact that it is now necessary even for a child. On the vascular system of the mother is a heavy load and primarily affects the veins. When compared with arterial vessels, venous density, and elasticity are much smaller, so they are more susceptible to damage.
  • The increase in the concentration of progesterone. This is one of the major female hormones, starting with the 1st trimester it starts to be synthesized much more. This amount of the hormone can cause degenerative dysfunction and changes in the structure of collagen fibers. If the mother was attended by a hormonal imbalance before your pregnancy, it may also be the reason for quam varices of the labia.
  • The increase in body weight. Due to the fact that the weight of women in the physiological norm, increases, increasing the load on the lower part of the body. As is clear, are more likely to suffer venous vessels. Among them, the most vulnerable are those located closest to the surface of the skin. The fact that the normal condition of the deeper veins is due to muscle support. A large part of the veins of the pelvis belongs to the group of surface

quam varices varicose veins of the labia can also occur because of hereditary predisposition. If one of your parents (especially in the female line) had this disease, then most likely it will be you. quam varices of the labia may be present during pregnancy and after.

The clinical picture

When quam varices of the labia it is very pronounced and similar to that observed in conventional quam varices the enlargement of veins. There are signs of sexual quam varices:

  • Swelling of the subcutaneous veins;
  • Irritation and itching of the skin;
  • Enlargement and deformation of the labia;
  • Dry skin in the groin, the color change from pink to pale bluish;
  • The appearance of veins and nodules of different sizes;
  • Dragging pain in the groin and General discomfort;
  • Pain during sex.

Upon detection of such symptoms, the woman immediately need to contact your gynecologist. In order to confirm the diagnosis quam varices of the labia, the patient will refer to the delivery of complete blood count (with special attention to the platelet count), koagulogrammou (an important indicator of the international normalized ratio), analysis on fibrinogen and D-dimers.

After laboratory studies, ultrasound and other studies of the condition of the vessel. Upon confirmation of the diagnosis a woman forward for treatment to a phlebologist.


In the pathological process involved not only the vascular system, the uterus, ovaries and other pelvic organs. Such processes can pose a risk to the pregnancy and fetus. quam varices of the labia often causes spontaneous abortion and infertility.

This is because it creates a physiological barrier for normal implantation of the embryo. Improperly formed placenta. Intimate quam varices can cause different pathologies in the body of the baby and external deformities.