Exercises for varicose veins: what you can and cannot do

Varicose veins are a common pathology among men and women after 30 years of age, and can also appear at an earlier age. If preventive measures are observed and exercises are performed for varicose veins of the lower extremities, it is possible to stop the development of pathology, to heal weakened vessels and capillaries.

exercise for varicose veins

The benefits of exercise therapy

A set of physical exercises for varicose veins helps to improve blood flow, increases the patient's physical endurance, strengthening the structure of damaged blood vessels and muscles.

If you do not neglect physical therapy (exercise therapy), you can significantly ease the course of the disease, relieve swelling and eliminate fatigue in the legs.

Recommended exercises

Exercises for the prevention of varicose veins and the treatment of the disease are carried out in order to dilute the fluid inside the vessels, eliminate the swelling of the veins under the skin, and return the natural shade of the skin.


  • Strengthening the muscles of the legs with the involvement of the hip region;
  • Loads on the diaphragm to regulate blood flow and saturation of blood with nutrients;
  • Hiking, riding a stationary bike, with intensive pedaling;
  • Swimming in the pool.

Phlebologists advise to regularly engage in exercise therapy twice a day, for ten minutes. It is advisable to distribute the classes into several blocks - in the morning 5-7 minutes and the same amount before bedtime, giving preference to less intense loads on the body.

Recommendations of doctors

Exercises for varicose veins in the legs are performed both with the help of a physiotherapist, and independently. It is important to keep track of the exercise load, flexibility of movements, in order to avoid sudden swings, body turns.

Overwork can only harm the patient, complicating the course of the disease. The room should be spacious, ventilated, it is best to do exercises for varicose veins on the legs after waking up. It is important not to forget about compression hosiery and comfortable shoes.

Wellness complex

Gymnastics for the legs with varicose veins of the lower extremities consists of exercises:

  • To reduce leg fatigue in the evening - lie down, raise your legs to an elevation, hold for about 5 minutes;
  • Connect your legs, stretch your arms, carefully rise on your toes, stand for 2-3 seconds, go down;
  • Lie on the floor, raise your legs, rotate your feet, inward and outward.

Systematic charging will prevent the progression of the disease, reduce the risk of one stage of varicose veins flowing into another, and eliminate complications.

wellness gymnastics with varicose veins of the legs

Gymnastics in the office

Exercises against varicose veins during work, sitting on a chair:

  • Raise the leg in a straight position, make circular movements with each limb;
  • Raise the foot, placing the feet on the toes, 15 passes for each leg;
  • Stretch your fingers up, fix your heels motionless on the floor;
  • Perform foot rolls from heel to toe.

For sedentary work, it is recommended to take a 5-minute break every hour. At this time, it is useful to perform movements in a standing position:

  • Legs together, intensely rise on tiptoe, lower legs;
  • Walking on heels, back straight;
  • Put your hands on an imaginary or real wall shoulder-width apart, bend your leg and transfer the weight to it, and throw the other one back and rise on tiptoe, after 10 seconds, change your legs;
  • Tear off the heels alternately from the floor, do the exercise regularly, several times in one approach, at least 20 times a day.

Therapeutic exercises for varicose veins in the legs provides for a time of rest, and therefore after 5-10 minutes of exertion on the limbs, you need to lie down in a relaxed state to regulate blood circulation and restore breathing.

Attention! Exercise should not cause discomfort in the affected veins, burning, tingling, swelling or other complications of varicose veins. It is important not to forget about drug treatment in order to effectively get rid of the disease.

varicose veins cause leg pain

Jumping Mikulin

In the fight against varicose veins, the vibration gymnastics of Academician Mikulin has proven itself well. A special exercise for the legs with varicose veins includes only special jumps, the regular implementation of which will help eliminate the symptoms of varicose veins.

  1. After waking up, you need to stand up straight, stretch your arms along the body, while inhaling, rise on your toes by a centimeter. On exhalation, sharply lower your legs to the floor.
  2. When hitting with the heels, the body will receive a slight shake, the push will direct the blood upward through the vessels, as a result, the vessels will be cleared from the inside.
  3. Mikulin's special jumps must be done at least 60 times a day; you cannot turn the exercise into intense bouncing. Movements should be smooth, accurate, every 20 pushes - a break of 10 s.

Such exercises are useful in combination with exercises for varicose veins of the small pelvis, which often develops during secondary and subsequent pregnancies, with a strong load on the pelvis.

A set of exercises for the pelvic organs

Physiotherapy exercises helps to strengthen the walls of venous vessels, improve blood flow. It is useful to do the following exercises:

  • Bicycle - in the prone position imitation of cycling by feet;
  • Scissors - alternate crossing of the legs;
  • Semi-squats - not below knee level;
  • Compression of the buttocks is a Kegel exercise, shown to expectant mothers for a painless delivery.

After exercising with varicose veins, self-massage of the legs and thighs is useful to stabilize blood flow, eliminate harmful elements at the cellular level, and relieve fatigue.

It is useful to do light strokes from the ankles to the knees, rubbing the lower legs in a circular motion. You can use a nourishing or moisturizing cream that is natural or anti-varicose, purchased at the pharmacy.

At the end of the set of exercises, it is recommended to do a swallow - straighten your back, stand straight, arms relaxed and lowered along the body. On inhalation, arms upward, on exhalation, perform a swallow.

exercises for varicose veins

During exercise therapy, you need to drink a small amount of liquid, just moisten your lips with water, so as not to provoke puffiness. Protein nutrition is useful, especially in the morning, before bedtime - cereals, fruit smoothies.

Bubnovsky about varicose veins

The technique does not provide for drug treatment. The doctor assures that with regular performance of simple exercises, you can improve the mobility of the joints, improve the elasticity of muscle tissue.

Gymnastics is performed in any position:

  1. Sitting on a chair - tensely raise both feet on tiptoes, stretch the limbs forward and perform circular movements of the feet, popular rolls from toe to heel and vice versa.
  2. Lying on the bed - lie on your stomach, bend your knees, hit your buttocks with your heels, then raise your legs alternately, holding until a slight feeling of fatigue.
  3. Lying on the floor - a bicycle, scissors, take turns raising your legs up and sharply shaking your feet.
  4. Standing - rise on your toes and drop sharply on your heels, spread your arms to the sides. Do light squats.

Dr. Bubnovsky advises to divide the set of exercises into three parts - in the morning, at lunch and in the evening, do it regularly, as a supplement, you can use elements of yoga. The lotus position improves blood circulation and helps get rid of the orange peel.

It is best to replace running with vigorous walking, swimming in the pool. Exercises for varicose veins of the lower extremities according to the Bubnovsky method are available to every patient, regardless of the stage of varicose veins and the person's age.

Preventive exercise

With varicose veins, calm walking, cycling for about 10-20 minutes a day, a contrast shower, swimming pool exercises are useful, which help remove puffiness and alleviate the general condition of the patient.

It is recommended to get rid of the habit of throwing up legs in a sitting position, disrupting blood circulation. It is also worth limiting walking in high heels, reducing the load on weak blood vessels and capillaries.

In the evening, it is recommended to make a bath for tired legs, with the addition of a decoction of herbs of medicinal plants (chamomile, sage, eucalyptus), essential oils of citrus, juniper. When resting, you need to position yourself so that the heels are above the level of the buttocks.

measures for the prevention of varicose veins

In addition to exercise and drug therapy, it is important to monitor the diet, eat food slowly, fractionally, without overeating, especially before bedtime. It is important to avoid serious jumps in body weight.

An important role for the prevention of varicose veins is played by everyday shoes, they should be in size, of high quality and comfortable. At the initial stage of varicose veins, you should pay attention to compression stockings, choose their size on the advice of a phlebologist.


What exercises for the legs with varicose veins at home can not be performed:

  • Jumping rope (intense load on the veins, an exercise can provoke a blood clot to break off);
  • Exercises with a load (kettlebells, barbells, etc. );
  • Prolonged exercise on a stationary bike (overload of veins, dysfunction of blood flow);
  • Power emissions (vascular tone);
  • Gymnastic stretching (bloating of veins, damage to weakened capillaries).
  • Intense running, for speed, long distances (load on the legs)

For patients with varicose veins, power loads are excluded. A great alternative is a pool or step aerobics. The gym will be available after the complete elimination of the disease, on the recommendation of a phlebologist.

Gymnastics for varicose veins of the lower extremities - how to improve the condition of the veins by performing simple exercises

exercise bike for varicose veins

Varicose veins are a fairly common pathology that significantly impairs the quality of human life. It is very difficult to completely recover from this disease, but in order to alleviate its course, it is worth doing special exercises.

Varicose veins are called stable expansion and lengthening of the veins, accompanied by thinning of their walls and the formation of so-called nodes. The reason for this phenomenon lies in the serious pathology of the walls of the veins and the insufficiency of their valves.

This disease is quite widespread, and it is much more common in women. Often, varicose veins begin at working age - at about thirty to forty years.

The main risk factor for developing this disease is an inactive lifestyle.

The benefits of therapeutic exercises for varicose veins can hardly be overestimated. Special gymnastics allows you to:

  • improve venous and lymphatic drainage;
  • increase physical endurance;
  • normalize arterial inflow;
  • increase the tone of the veins;
  • improve peripheral circulation.

If you neglect therapeutic exercises for varicose veins of the legs, this will cause blood stagnation in the affected vessels, in addition, the pressure will increase.

In turn, this will lead to the accumulation of water in the area of the ankles, feet, lower legs, which often exacerbates pain.

Features of physical activity

Especially exercises for varicose veins of the legs are useful for people who move little in everyday life.

Walking is the simplest exercise, and people with this condition must walk every day. It is also quite possible to ride a bike. Swimming is also very useful.

fitness for varicose veins

Not everyone knows that not every physical activity is useful for varicose veins. What sports for varicose veins is useful and what is harmful? Surgery to remove varicose veins is often the only solution. We will tell you which type of surgical intervention to choose in a particular case.

There is also a special therapeutic gymnastics for varicose veins of the legs. To perform these exercises as efficiently as possible, the following rules must be followed:

  • people who have a sedentary job should do a five-minute warm-up at least once an hour;
  • it is important to monitor your posture, it is not recommended to cross your legs;
  • charging should be given 15-30 minutes a day;
  • throughout the day, you need to do several repetitions.

A set of exercises

Phlebologists recommend performing special exercises against varicose veins in the morning and in the evening, giving them about 15-30 minutes. At the same time, you cannot bring yourself to exhaustion, because each person has his own limit of physical capabilities.

Continuous exercise for five minutes will be sufficient, and it is recommended to take breaks. If you feel tired, it is better to postpone the session.

The main set of exercises for all types of disease

These exercises are suitable for varicose veins of the lower and upper extremities, for varicose veins of the small pelvis and other types of disease:

a set of exercises for varicose veins
  1. Lie on your back, bend your leg, pulling it to your chest. After that, straighten it up, fix it for a few seconds and lower it down. Do the same exercise for the other leg.
  2. Lie down, bend your legs and lift up. Straighten them, hold them for a second, bend them again and return to their original position.
  3. Lie down, raise your legs up and make rotational movements with your feet, this must be done outward and inward. Then you can bend and unbend your toes and feet.
  4. Sit on a chair, rest your heels on the floor. Move your toes in different directions. Do it 15-20 times.
  5. Lie on your stomach with your hands to your hips. Take turns raising each leg as high as possible. At the highest point, linger for a few seconds, and then return to the place. Do 8-10 reps.
  6. Exercise "swallow". Stand up straight, lower your arms along the body. Inhale, raise your hands up, and then stand on your toes. As you exhale, take the swallow pose. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times.
  7. Roll from heel to toe, transferring body weight to it. Do 15-20 reps.
  8. For 15 minutes, walk on heels, toes, with a high hip lift.

Exercises for the legs

Gymnastics for varicose veins of the lower extremities includes the following exercises:

  1. Relief of the veins of the legs. You need to lie down, close your eyes and relax as much as possible, while breathing deeply and evenly. Several pillows should be placed under your feet - this will allow them to be raised by 15-20 degrees.
  2. Lie down, bend your legs, while placing your feet on the floor. Put your hands on your hips. Inhale gradually, raise your head and body. Hands should slide to your knees. After making a slow exhalation, return to its original position.
  3. Lie down, knead your hands along the body, raise your legs by 15-20 degrees and hold a small pillow between them. Inhale slowly, bend in the lower back, and the buttocks need to be torn off the floor. Exhaling slowly, return to its original position.
  4. Lie down, place your hands along the body. Bend your legs and, gradually exhaling, draw in your stomach. As you inhale, inflate your belly.
  5. Put your feet together, place your arms along the body. Take a deep breath, slowly rise on your toes, exhale and return to the original position.
exercises with a gymnastic ball for varicose veins

Regular performance of special exercises for the lower extremities will reduce the manifestations of venous insufficiency, suspend the development of the disease and reduce the risk of developing dangerous complications.

To reduce the manifestations of varicose veins of the upper extremities, you should perform simple exercises:

  1. Lie on your back, put a pillow under your neck. Raise your arms and legs perpendicular to the body, pull the feet towards you. Breathe evenly and deeply. After that, vibrate with your arms and legs for 3 minutes.
  2. Cross your arms at the back of your head. Turn the body slowly in both directions. Do 20 reps.
  3. Stretch your arms forward, clench your fists. Unclench your palms, while spreading your fingers wide. Do 20 reps.
  4. Squeeze the wrist of the left hand with the palm of the right. Raise your left hand as high as possible, while with the right you need to resist. Repeat 20 times. After that, raise your hands up, fix them in this position for 20 seconds. Repeat the exercise for the other hand.
  5. Raise your arms above your head, clench and unclench your fists. Do 80 reps. Put your hands down and do the same.

A set of exercises for the pelvic organs

If varicose veins have touched the pelvic organs, it is recommended to perform the following exercises:

  1. Exercise "bike". You should lie on your back and with your feet imitate cycling. In this case, the back and lower back should be pressed to the floor.
  2. Exercise "scissors". Lie on your back, stretch your arms along the body. Make crossing movements in a vertical and horizontal position.
  3. Exercise "birch". Lie on your back, lean on your shoulder blades, raise your legs high and hold until you feel tired. If you want, you can complicate this exercise a little by adding flexion and extension at the knees.
  4. Half squats. Stand up straight, legs spread 30-40 cm wide. Sit down slowly, while not dropping below knee level. Literally for a second, you should linger in this position, and then slowly return back. Do 10-15 reps.
  5. Sit on the floor, place your arms behind and rest them on the floor, stretch your legs. Bend your right leg at the knee, place your foot near the left knee. Raise and lower your left leg. Do 10-15 reps.
exercises for varicose veins of the pelvic organs

Additional exercises

To make the treatment of varicose veins as effective as possible, additional exercises can be performed throughout the day:

  1. Stand up straight, put your feet straight. Rise on your toes and lower slowly. Do 20-30 reps. Part the socks apart, put the heels together and again do 20-30 lifts. The same procedure should be done with spread heels and flattened toes.
  2. You need to walk on the spot, without taking your socks off the floor.
  3. Put your legs together, stretch your arms along the body. Taking a slow breath, take your shoulders back. As you exhale, you need to relax and tilt your head forward.
  4. The starting position is the same. Taking a breath, raise your arms up and stand on your toes. After that, on exhalation, return to its original position.
  5. Squeezing the buttocks is very effective. This exercise can be performed in any position of the body.

Exercises for the prevention of varicose veins

In order to prevent the development of varicose veins, it is also necessary to perform special exercises:

  1. Lie down, stretch your arms along the body, put your legs straight on a chair. Bend the left and right foot alternately. Do 5 reps for each foot.
  2. Lie down, stretch your arms along the body. Raise your legs up and spread in different directions. In this case, you should pull back the socks and rotate the ankle joints to the right and left. Do 5-7 reps.
  3. In the same position, bend your legs and make rotational movements in the knee joints. Do 5-8 times to the right and left.
  4. Lean on your shoulder blades, and raise your legs up, as in the "birch" exercise. Spread your legs to the sides. Change the position of the legs in swings. Do 4-7 reps.
  5. Jump on toes 10-15 times, stand on your feet and, after a few seconds, repeat the jumps.


cycling with varicose veins

But this does not mean that all sports for varicose veins are prohibited. For example, swimming is very useful, all exercises that can be done while sitting or lying are permissible.

It is also quite possible to practice yoga or Pilates.


The benefits of massage for varicose veins is to stimulate blood circulation in the affected areas.

It is advisable that this procedure is carried out by an experienced technician.

If you decide to do this yourself, you need to remember that the touch should be as light and gentle as possible. Do not touch the veins that protrude more than others - this can only aggravate the problem.

Diet for varicose veins consists in proper nutrition.

The diet should contain foods that have a beneficial effect on the condition of the blood and blood vessels. Be sure to eat foods rich in vitamin C.

In addition, seafood must certainly be present in the diet, since they prevent the stretching of the walls of blood vessels.

Plant fibers are no less useful, which ensure the normal functioning of the intestines, which is very important for varicose veins.

Vibration exercises

We lower the heels to the floor, slightly move our feet apart and relax. We begin to knock our heels on the floor. You need to feel how the whole body vibrates. To do this, you need to relax so much that the vibration reaches the head. Feel your skin vibrate.

Gently shake off the legs one by one and lower ourselves to the floor. We lie down on our back and stretch our arms with our legs up. We begin to actively coward with our limbs.

  • Exercise 'Shake'
  • We try to imagine that we are shaking off drops of water from the brushes and feet.
  • We breathe naturally with our belly.

These exercises help create additional vibration that causes the capillaries to contract and push blood more actively. Also, these actions improve the flow of all fluids in the body. The movements are very simple and effective.

  1. Start with 1 minute and gradually build up the time.
  2. After the "shake", put your bent legs on the floor, put your palms on your stomach and relax.
  3. Breathing exercise

Feel the movement of your belly as you breathe. On inhalation, the abdomen inflates, with exhalation, we lower the walls of the abdomen. After a relaxing breathing exercise, we move to a sitting position.

Relaxing massage

We finish the complex with a light foot massage. We start with the feet, where you need to massage each toe, the arch of the foot, and also the heel.

  • Foot massage
  • Then, with light stroking movements, we move upward from the foot.

We try to perform this massage for 2 to 5 minutes. We iron the shin, after the thigh.

  1. Thigh massage
  2. Having worked on one limb, we proceed to massage the other leg.

Performing such a set of exercises for varicose veins in the legs, you can preserve their youth, health and beauty. The main thing is to do it not from time to time, but regularly. And do not forget about other methods of treating varicose veins at home.

Contraindications to physiotherapy exercises

  • With this disease, in no case should you overload your legs.
  • It is not recommended to engage in professional sports that require static exercises or serious strength loads.
  • It is categorically impossible to lift weights up.
  • With varicose veins, only light exercises are permissible, which do not cause undue stress.

Varicose veins are a rather unpleasant disease that occurs quite often. To reduce its manifestations, it is recommended to perform special exercises.

However, it is very important that the sessions are moderate and regular.

Therapeutic exercises for varicose veins - the correct execution technique, the choice of a complex depending on the complexity and neglect of the disease.