Treatment of varicose veins on the legs

Varicose veins on the legs

The veins on the lower limbs affected both women and men. There are various methods of treatment of varicose veins on the legs — conservative, surgical or folk. To get rid of the problem it is necessary in the initial stages of the origin of the pathological process.

Varicose appears under the influence of disruption of the valve apparatus veins. The randomness of blood flow provokes congestion, stretching of the veins and subsequent symptomatic manifestations: heaviness in the lower extremities, pain, cramps at night.

The first signs of education requires diagnostic testing and assign the appropriate option to cure the disease. Therapy is dependent on the extent of the process and the General condition of the body.


To be treated only folk and home remedies unacceptable — without professional help the disease quickly lead to complications, up to amputation of the lower extremities.

Conservative methods

Initial stage of varicose veins allow treat the pathology with the assistance of local media — gels, creams and ointments. They are designed for home treatment of the disease. Medications applied to the affected region the veins of the lower extremities twice a day. Medications are divided into independent subgroups:

  • With anticoagulant help get rid of stagnation in the veins, have a resolving effect.
  • Natural composition — in tools include horse chestnut, butcher's broom, sweet clover medicinal. With their help, rid of pain and fatigue of the lower limbs when carrying a baby, strengthen the walls of veins.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory; it will allow to get rid of shaped thrombosis and thrombophlebitis in men and women.
  • With the hormonal composition of the media has antihistamine, anti-inflammatory spectrum of action.

To comprehensively treat varicose veins of the lower extremities is possible with medical therapy. Fixed assets — injection solutions, tablets and capsules. To get the result and treat the disease in men and women, you can use:

  • Phlebotonics — treatment involves strengthening circulation of blood, toning the walls of veins in the lower extremities.
  • Krovanistaya tools — allow to get rid of formed blood clots, reduce blood viscosity, improve the movement of body fluids through the veins. To be treated only according to the prescription of doctor.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs — help get rid of pain, reduce the swelling of tissues, Compressionreduce platelet aggregation. Curing under constant control of medical personnel.

Men are less prone to varicose veins in the lower extremities than women. The phenomenon is associated with hormonal changes in the female organism in the period of carrying a child, during menopause.

Convenient method to cure a disease is considered to be wearing compression underwear.

Stockings, socks or tights help to get rid of swelling, pain and fatigue of the lower limbs at home. Pressure specialized linen, affects damaged veins, providing the necessary when the disease is the result. Manufacturers produce a variety of models that can be used in the treatment of varicose for both women and men.

Modern methods bezoperatsionnye

Methods and means of influencing varicose veins over time become easier and in most cases are ambulatory, at home. If necessary, the operation, the hospitalization takes several days that does not interfere with the patient to quickly return to his usual lifestyle.


In the course of manipulation is injected into a vein specialized drug — sclerosant, which it glues to the inside. After some time the problem disappears Vienna, the redistributed blood flow in healthy vessels.

For one treatments can be used four injections medications. The number of sessions is determined by the degree of proliferation of vasculature in the lower extremities. After the manipulation on the foot wears compression underwear. Patients should walk the next five hours. The feature will eliminate the likelihood of blood clots in deep veins. The compression required for the next calendar month.

Treat the pathology means to get rid of varicose, to stabilize the circulation of the blood, to stop pain, cramps and rapid onset of fatigue. Spots have arisen in the course of therapy over time, spontaneously disappear.

Method ensures long-lasting therapeutic effect. If successful, therapy for life result. Approximately 25% of patients varicose can't be completely cured. Sclerotherapy suppresses the main symptomatic signs of the disease but does not cure the problem completely.

Treatment method is prohibited for use in the following ratios:

  • with high sensitivity to the sclerosant;
  • at the time of therapy, anti-inflammatory and hormonal means;
  • obesity of various degrees;
  • purulent-inflammatory diseases of the dermis or at the started cellulite on the lower limbs;
  • during pregnancy and thrombophlebitis.
The introduction of sclerosant during sclerotherapy

The positive side to sclerosant treated without surgery submitted by:

  • the lack of need for hospitalization, the persistence of habitual for the patient's lifestyle;
  • obtaining a therapeutic outcome immediately after surgery, without scarring;
  • treatment with minimal discomfort;
  • opportunity to get rid of varicose veins multiple.

Negative aspects of therapy are characterized by the impossibility of obtaining life — long results-maximum effect in men and women is achieved by eliminating the original source of the disease. The problem provokes persistent wearing compression underwear, with removal only during hygienic procedures.

Radiofrequency coagulation (ablation) of varicose vein (RCHK, RFA)

The method of coagulation of varicose veins radiofrequency waves practiced in the country recently. Therapy is used for large veins through a puncture in the dermis introduced a special catheter, saarepeedi them from the inside. The result is monitored through sensors located on the handling equipment.

The therapeutic advantage of the method presented:

  • the minimum uncomfortable feelings;
  • the short maturity of the operation;
  • short rehabilitation period;
  • the lack of scars;
  • the low rate of likely recurrence of the disease — not more than 10%.

The disadvantages of RFA include: burns of the skin, thrombosis, blisters and the occurrence of inguinal reflux.

The postoperative period has its own requirements:

  • Compression hosiery is used in the first forty minutes after surgery. All this time the patient should walk to prevent blood clots. Further specialized underwear is worn for two weeks, with the obligatory walking for one hour daily.
  • Patients not recommended for lifting heavy objects, playing sports, bike riding, workout at the gym, spending long periods in vertical position. Under the ban fall visit saunas, steam rooms, saunas, any influence of high temperatures on the problem of the lower extremity.
  • A few days after the operation, the scanning of the veins by ultrasound — to confirm the obtained result.

Laser treatment

The impact of the beam on varicose also seals the problem vein. The method does not require surgical incisions: through a puncture in Vienna introduced a special fiber. Subsequent spasm of the vessel overlaps the problem area, Vienna is excluded from the circulatory system and gradually replaced by connective tissue.

The level of influence EVLT is higher than the therapy sclerosant, which allows to obtain a final result equal to surgery for vein removal.

The healing process is recognized as the most minimal invasive and safe option to get rid of varicose in the lower extremities.

The operation lasts about an hour, the recovery time takes about four hours. The use of local anesthesia allows for this method to patients for which other options are prohibited. After the surgery the patient leaves the clinic alone and ready to get back into the workplace.

The positive side of the therapeutic laser include:

  • no incisions — the result is an excellent cosmetic effect;
  • the minimum time of operation — in complex embodiments, the manipulation takes no more than one hour;
  • accelerated postoperative period of operation does not require a hospital, work is not suffering;
  • the method is performed under control of ultrasonic equipment, which improves the quality of care, reduces the likelihood of postoperative complications;
  • Laser treatment
  • after surgery, no bruising.

The disadvantages of the method include:

  • the price for the surgery;
  • large diameter, damaged veins require surgical incisions;
  • large veins may eventually recover and return into the General circulation.

Surgical treatment

Varicose deep veins requires radical surgery — phlebectomy. Deletion is carried out in the absence of skin suppuration, lesions or wound surfaces. The operation lasts about two hours. After her dermis remain small scars, up to five millimeters.

The method recommended in the following indications:

  • with trophic skin lesions of the lower extremities;
  • pathological dilatation;
  • extensive varicose lesions;
  • if you have problems with the free flow of blood through the veins.

To cure the anomaly of the radical method fails many patients, but the remaining scars and prolonged postoperative time considers the operation to the last of the preference list.

Treatment at home

Traditional methods of home directions varicose veins in the lower extremities include the expense of the local and internal use. Treatment at home:

  • Flowers of horse chestnut — 50 grams of vegetable raw material is poured half a liter of alcohol, insist for two weeks. Every day you should vigorously shake the container. After 14 days, the infusion is filtered off and drink a tablespoon three times a day before eating. To treat disease, can a week, followed by a break for 14 days. After a rest to cure the disease again.
  • Dried nettles — crushed dry raw material consisting of the leaves, brew in a thermos half a liter of freshly boiled water. Stand half an hour, filter and take a third Cup three times a day, an hour after a meal.
  • Green tomatoes — chopped fruit laid on the dressing and put on areas varicose, top in addition fix a medical bandage. Keep the compress on the lower extremities no more than two hours, and then change it for fresh. The day allowed the use of three manipulations. The method allows for treatment every day, without a break to rest.
  • Walnuts — unripe fruits are crushed, put in a glass dish, pour olive oil. Medicine insist in the sun for forty days. Ready tincture lubricate the problem areas of the lower extremities. The duration of therapy depends on the speed of getting rid of the main clinical manifestations of the disease.


Traditional ways will help to cure lower limbs and get rid of varicose only when the first symptoms of the disease.

Before and after treatment

Before and after treatment


Therapy homemade, folk, medication and operations will allow us to cure disease, to improve the condition of lower limbs, relieve pain, quickly coming fatigue, seizures and problems with free movement on foot.

Unsightly swollen blue veins will disappear from the feet. This will allow you to wear any, and not only closed things. After surgery, folk and medical methods, the patient is relieved, and the complete deliverance from the problem comes to the end of the second week.


To speed healing, use of compression hosiery, which will select the attending physician, not to perezagruzite feet and give them a light load in the form of evening walks.

Home remedies the affected limb can treat men and women, regardless of age. Experts recommend the first appearance of the vascular network to seek professional help in time captured by the disease eliminates the need for radical surgery.

To cure varicose only traditional methods in the home impossible — they must be included in a comprehensive therapy and can be combined with the means of official medicine. Do not be afraid or minimally invasive radical surgeries — they are all aimed at improving the health, prevent the formation of complications.

Most information about treatment options, the success rate and duration of the postoperative period will give the district phlebologist. The doctor is based on data from the examinations, the reactions of the organism to therapy. Missed treatment time will not help to cure the problem of people's local resources, or minimally invasive operations. Disease with a severe course in men and women involves the removal of the affected varicose veins.